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The Donkey Breed Society Northern Ireland secured a new Agricultural show this year at Omagh on the 4th July 2015.  The donkeys turned out to be a huge hit, it was a great turn out for the first year - 'Click here' for a selection of images.


Saintfield Agricultural Show at Balmoral Park - 20th June 2015 - 'Click here' for a selection of images.


Lurgan Show held on 6th June 2015 with Champion Annie B with owner Ashley Brown and Young Handler line up - 'Click here' for images


DBS - Robert Wallace ploughing his donkey


Robert Wallace competing at Mullahead's Ploughing Society's 100th event with donkeys Denis (brown) and Popcorn (grey). He was the only DBS member and Northern Ireland donkey owner taking part in the Guinness world record of 100 equines pulling in draught at one time. He came second in his class of Mules/Donkey ploughing section, it was won by a set of mules from Yorkshire. Robert competes regularly at ploughing matches and has the only DBS team in Ireland ploughing at this time.



Dear Members


Finally a huge welcome to any new members since my last newsletter.  We look forward to seeing you at any events you can hopefully make it to (donkeys optional).  As always it’s the members that make the society!


AGM Update


Did you know...Donkeys milk was once valued as a medicine and was given to premature babies, sick children and to people suffering from tuberculosis. The milk of a donkey contains much more sugar and protein than cow’s milk and also has less fat.


That’s all for now folks.  If you need any information just give me a shout on:


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Click Here’ for the Northern Ireland AGM Regional Report 2016

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