Lorraine Rae

I was brought up on a farm just at the bottom of the Cheviots in North Northumberland and had my own paddock for ponies and acquired my first donkey - Pearl, whom I loved dearly - at the age of 15. Later on in life I moved overseas but now John (my husband) and I have 2 shops in a tourist village which keeps us both busy. We have 7 donkeys - 1 pet donkey and 6 "show" donkeys: well, it could be 5, as Mushroom has not yet made up her mind whether she's into showing or not.

We now have 3 years of showing experience and enjoy it thoroughly even when it all goes wrong - we have dined out on many occasions telling stories of what the donkeys get up to.

I look forward to helping the Donkey Breed Society in any way possible - one of my aims would be to get new donkeys (and their owners) to join us and encourage them to come to shows and join in the fun. I am quite happy raising funds for shows to make sure there as many trophies as possible and hopefully helping to maintain good numbers for all the classes. I especially look forward to working in a team with like-minded people who love donkeys and we all want to do our best for them.